Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Scares, Big Blessing!

Well, just to start you off at ease, baby and I are just fine. After an intense night of some pretty scary pains, off Chris and I went to the doctor. They checked for kidney stones and ovarian cysts (which I have had before). The sonogram showed that I was suffering from pain from residual scar tissue from ruptured cysts. The good news is none of this will affect the baby, and I will be fine. The not so good news is, it will pretty much be painful until they can remove the scar tissue. Since I cannot have surgery till after the baby....well, there you go. When I first thought of being in pain, or having to treat constant pain for the rest of my pregnancy, I must admit, I was not happy. I did not think I would be willing to do that. But as I started thinking about it, I realized something. Now, please know that I am no martyr. I don't say this to bring attention, sympathy, nor compliments my way. I realized that this baby is such a blessing to Chris and I. How can you complain about a little pain when the reward will be so wonderful? So as I started to think about this in a different light, I noticed that the pain dulled just a little. The more and more that I just think about that sweet baby, and finally getting to hold him or her, the easier this pain is to bear. Talk about the power of a positive attitude!

On another note, I got to see my sweet angel for the first time yesterday. The sonogram tech was so kind as to spend a few minutes checking the baby to ease my mind. This was not the first ultrasound I have had, but it was the first where the baby was bigger that an pea. I was actually able to see part of the face! (The rest was covered by tiny hands!) The baby weighs 9 ounces, and has a heartbeat of 155. He/she is on his/her tummy and in breech position.(Facing my spine and head toward my ribs) Boy does this baby squirm! it was so unreal to see how much the baby actually moves, and to know that soon I will be able to feel all that movement. Other than being told that the baby and I are fine, the most rewarding part of my day was to see the look in Chris' eyes when he saw our child. I just know he is going to be an amazing dad! We go back tomorrow for another sonogram, to try and determine the sex of the baby. I cannot wait! I will be sure to post the results tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Beginnings

I realize that I am probably on the list of the world's WORST bloggers. Things get so crazy I just cannot find the time or sometimes just the energy to sit and update my blog. I also realize that there probably aren't too many people reading my blog anymore, due to my lack of posting. I should link it with my Facebook and join the modern folks, but that will have to be a mission for another day.

I am truly blessed and I just can't get over that. God has really shown Himself to me, especially in the last few weeks. If you know me personally, then you know some of the issues I have had over the years. You also know then that I was told I could not have children, by multiple doctors, for several years. Well, God has very interesting ways of showing us that His will is done no matter what anyone else says. I am now getting ready to enter the second trimester of my very surprising pregnancy! It was a complete shock at first. Now the excitement is building with each passing week, as I get closer and closer to meeting this child that is growing in my belly. God showed me that He controls all things, and that even when modern medicine says something is not possible, that He makes all things possible!

There are three things that I am now daily striving to be.

First and foremost, (after a recent and serious spiritual spanking) I am striving to be a better Christian and example for those around me. I cannot begin to explain how we do not realize how much of an effect we have on others and they have on us. I was getting complacent, settling into a life that ultimately would not be pleasing to God. Thankfully, God has shown me where I have fallen, and He is picking me up! And the more I am realizing this, the more blessings I am receiving!

Second, I am preparing myself, and learning to be a good mother to my child. Strange, you might say, as my child is not here yet, but I feel the need to be ready. Of course the fear of failing my child is slowly dwindling the further into the pregnancy I get. I want my child to KNOW me. I want my child to LOVE me and have no wishes or regrets in his/her later years when it comes to me. Of course, the best way to do that is to model myself after someone I consider to be a good parent. Who is that?? Well OF COURSE! I am talking about my mother. She is such a strong woman. A Godly woman. A woman I hope to be someday. I know that if I can be half the woman my mother child is going to be just fine.

And lastly, I am striving (even more now than ever) to be a good wife to my husband Chris. He is truly the man that God meant for me to marry. I don't know if I can even describe the love that I have for him. And with all relationships there are trying times and wonderful times, but through them all, I cannot imagine my life without him. He is such a caring man. I have no doubt in my mind he will be an amazing father.

Well, I have exhausted my time today. I promise to do better and update more often throughout my pregnancy and other life events. Bear with me, as I am not a writer, or even very good with words. I just have a lot to say sometimes :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I am a bad blogger. I have been so completely wrapped up in everything, and have not had the time to catch a breath, let alone blog. I promise to do better though.

Working from home is going good. I stay really busy between my day job, keeping Collin , running a business, and still trying to keep up with the house and hubby, lol. Collin is just growing like crazy! I cannot believe he is already six months old. He looks so much like my sister, and in my opinion, acts so much like her too. He is very animated now and all over the place. He will be crawling in less than a month, mark my words. He already crawls backwards a little bit. It is so fun to watch each new thing he does, and it makes me excited for when Chris and I have kids of our own. (Which is gonna be a while, lol) I am learning so much just from watching him during the day. But, alas, all good things....well, you know. He is going to be all over the place soon, and so the time has come for me to just be the really fun aunt, not the babysitter. I must admit, it will be kinda weird not having the little guy around all the time, even though he will still be around.

Chris has been working so hard lately. There are so many new things going on with his shop that it is hard to keep up sometimes. I am so proud of him though. He is handling the stress far better than I could. It's a good stress though, and we are extremely blessed to be having such a busy season. With new customers come new problems, and he has embarked on new services that are really going to be a benefit to us and our faithfuls who prefer to have us do EVERYTHING on their cars. We now offer transmission swaps. That is, only taking the old one out and putting a new one in. We still do not do transmission repair or large engine repairs. A new wave of business is coming through, and although it has been a rocky adjustment, we are getting the hang of it.

Christmas is almost here! I cannot weait to see all of the family again. This is my favorite part of winter. The holidays.... Of course, my procrastination habit is coming into full swing. I have not bought the first present. It will get done though. It always does.

There has been alot of remodeling/finishing touches being sone at the house lately. We have a new central heat and air unit. Our Guest bathroom is finished, and all the trim is down throughout the house. The only thing left is the master bathroom and some small things here and there. It has went more smoothly than I imagined, so that's good.

This has been a long post, and I am sorry for that. I will do my best to be a better blogger from now on!

Until next time.....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Years

Okay, so Monday June 21, 2010, was my two year wedding anniversary with the hubby. Total we have been together almost 7 years (in August). I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. You don't realize it until you really sit and think about it.
When I think about the last two years, so many things collide in my head. The newlywed phase (I understand we are still "technically" newly wed, but our history makes it feel differently), the adjusting to living together, the quirky things we had to get used to, the sweet times, and even the not so sweet times. But of everything that has happened, good or bad, I can't help but come to one conclusion. These have been the best two years of my life. I love my family, and I had a great childhood, but this is different. I don't regret anything. I would relive these moments over and over again if I weren't so excited about the rest of our lives together. I honestly cannot imagine what my life would be like right now if I had not met Chris. I honestly believe that God has a purpose for our lives. And I know that Chris was purposely put into my life. Two years, with many more anniversaries (God-willing) ahead for us. I love you sweetheart.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life happens...with or without you.

This is something that I recently learned the hard way. I guess it s mostly that I am missing my family. But who's fault is that? I get so irritated cause I am the last to know things, but really, if I was in more contact with them, I wouldn't be. I realize that I took for granted seeing my mother everyday at work before I started working from home. (I still LOVE doing it though) I am so happy that Kandice and Jeremy live so close to me now, cause that will make it easier to see them. But I miss my parents and brother. They are only 30 minutes away, so why is it SO hard for me to just get in the car and go see them? I can make time to fit so many things into my schedule. So new plan is to make sure that am seeing them more than just once a month. ( I know, horrible isn't it?)

And the saddest part is, I LIVE with Chris and we rarely spend time together anymore. Of course we see each other whenever he gets home from work, but it is watching TV or getting things done around the house. So new plan there is once a week we will be doing something fun. Electronic free.

Sorry for the short blog, just what's on my mind right now. Make time to see your loved ones and REALLY spend time with them. They are gonna go on living either way....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back Again

I realize I have severely neglected blogging for a while, but now I am getting back into the swing of things. So let the updating begin.....

I am now working from home..YAY!! I am definately loving it. I was afraid at first that it was going to be really difficult to stay disciplined and get my work done. But it really has not been hard. I have my music and stuff to listen to, so it isn't so quiet in the house. It is the same job, just a different location. It is making it easier on me too, cause I am able to get so much more work done around the house to. (Which is a big thing since I am not susie homemaker to begin with, lol).

My sweet nephew Collin is taking his precious time getting here. I think they may actually have to induce. She is only 5 days from her due date and he is making no effort to budge. Wish he would not be difficult though, I can't wait to hold him!

Things are going well with Freedom Automotive. We are in our new shop and have the lift installed and everything. We are overflowing with work! (Thank goodness!) I am so proud of Chris for going after his dream and making it happen. He has been so determined but also patient when others didn't think it would work. But now it has just picked up and went.

We are coming up on our 2 year wedding anniversary at full blast. In just 2 months, to be exact. Wow, I cannot believe how fast time is passing by. And I still love him more everyday I get with him. We have struggled and learned so much about each other this last 2 years, and I would not trade any of it.

Chris' sister is expecting. This will make the 6th grandchild for his parents. I am happy for them though I could help but feel a little jealous when I heard the news. I know I want to wait at least another year before we get into having children, but I still get baby fever like CRAZY. But at least we got some good news with all the tests I had this year, which is the only problem they can see is a couple cysts, which hopefully will dissolve soon.

Well, I think that's enough updating for now....until next time!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As my 25th birthday rapidly approaches (Thursday), I realize how quickly it seems this last year went. I begin to think about how time has seemed to pick up pace as it passes, and it seems that 2010 will follow suit. Then my mind starts remembering things accomplished, started, finished, and so on. How well did I utilize my time? Time is a precious gift, that once it is used, it cannot be gotten back. I cannot get back the last 25 years. Sad to think about, huh? There are things I should have done by now, things I need to have done this year, and so on. And it can really depress you to know that time is over and gone. But I am choosing not to be like that. I am going to utilize whatever I can, and make sure that I am not missing things in the future. How are you spending your time? Are you taking it for granted? You only get it once, and it should not be wasted. Don't really know where this is coming from. I am not depressed about my age or anything like that. I guess I am just realizing some things....


So, the exercising is going okay. Had some setbacks last week where I could not do the shred, but I am back on track and so far I have lost 3 pounds....yeah...i know. But I am back to counting calories and the shred is getting easier so in a few days I will be starting level 2...wish me luck!

The house has been another issue entirely. I have changed my mind 3 times on which room should be the office. I am rapidly running closer to the day I will be working from home, and have an even number of pros and cons for both rooms. I really need to learn to be more decisive, lol. Other than that, we are slowly moving through the house and are tossing out a considerable amount of junk. The yard is the next project as soon as it stays warm enough to be out all day. It will eventually all get done.

Things are slowly coming together, now if I can just keep the momentum going, it will be done in no time. Being an easily distracted person is definately an obstacle. Chris and I try to keep each other on track, lol, as much as we can since we are both alike.